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Are you tired of spending hours upon hours sifting through Craigslist for a pool table? Educating yourself all alone on buying a quality used pool table can be an extremely difficult task. It can become down right overwhelming. Breathe, you have finally found knowledgeable professionals who have done all the hard work for you.

Here at Pool Table Taxi, we know the difference between appealing quality used pool tables and the garbage pool tables that you absolutely want to steer clear of. Our quality used pool table page helps bridge the gap between pool table buyer and pool table seller. We put all of the pool tables that we post through a tedious selection process. That way you can rest assured knowing that you are making a safe purchase.

Pool Table Taxi has helped thousands of people just like yourself buy and sell their pool table. We make it simple to buy and sell your pool table here on our quality used pool table page. If you have any questions about these pool tables or the pool table services that we offer please do not hesitate to give us a call or to shoot us an email. thank you for taking a look!

9 Ft. Olhausen 'Southern' Pool Table w/ BALLS & CUES!

So when you are looking for a quality used pool table there are a few things to look out for. Wholesale pool tables which have zero name plate, zero markings and show zero signs of any "known" pool table maker are sub-par pool tables. Reason being is this... When Olhausen and other top name brand pool table makers quarry their slate they reject 60% of what they extract. Meaning that 60% of what they deprive does not make the grade as far as the quality they are shooting for. After Olhausen carefully choose their slate they diamond hone their slate to make sure it is 100% dead flat. Where do you think the rejected 60% goes to? You got it the wholesale pool tables which show zero signs of having any maker. These slates are no where near the quality of the other 40% often times these slates are not 100% dead flat or diamond honed. The rejected 60% shows drastic marbleization and does not make for a true playing surface. Not only are these non name brand pool table sub-par when it comes to the slate but often times the pool table cushions that are used are no of quality as well. Pool table cushions are made of rubber and dry out over time. Olhausen has set the industry standard by creating their own Accu-fast cushions which have been known to last a lifetime. A lot of times non name brand pool table will be constructed of particle board or some form of compressed wood which everybody knows warps over time. Olhausen constructs their pool tables of 100% natural wood.

Now that you have learned the difference between name brand pool tables and non-name brand pool tables you are ready to make an educated decision when it comes to buying your pool table. Moving a pool table is the 2nd obstacle that comes with purchasing a quality used pool table. Most professional, reputable, licensed & insured billiard companies will charge a base price of 500$ to take a part/ transport/ install/ level a pool table. This charge covers a 20 mile radius and does not included any charges for stairs or if you would like new felt provided. So when planning your budget for you pool table it is a smart idea to factor in the price of how much it will cost to have your pool table professionally moved and possibly re-felted.

((((((((( 9FT. SOUTHERN POOL TABLE BY OLHAUSEN )))))))))))))

Straight out of the pool hall and brought directly to your home!
This pool table is truly a gem. If you are looking for a the best in billiards then look no further. Olhausen has been leading the billiard industry in making top of the line pool tables and billiard equipment for years. brand new this beauty would reach over 5,000$ with out the delivery/ installation. You can pick any felt color that you desire when you choose this pool table. Included is balls, cues, triangle ready set play! Made of 100% original Italian slate. Please give me a call if interested. Thank you for taking a look!
9ft Olhausen 'Southern' pool table w/ pro delivery/ install & brand new felt. Balls & Cues also Included.
This pool table is one solid beast of a pool table. If you are looking to have an authentic players pool table then this is the pool table for you. This pool table was built to last a lifetime. Made from 100% Solid oak this pool table is HHHEEEAAAVVVYYYY! 3 piece Original Italian Slate. Accufast cushions + Brand new felt you pick the color ( Blue, Green, Black, Burgundy etc. ) If you have any questions about this pool table or my services please give me a call.
We can deliver anywhere in California/ Nevada Give me a call!!!
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