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Moving a pool table is not as easy as just rounding up 6 buddies and here we go! being a professional pool table mover I cant tell you how many pool tables that I have seen horribly damaged by trying this tactic. #1 the pool table rails and pockets are not meant to support the tremendous weight of the pool table slate. In on other words when lifting up with so much pressure applied to the rails you are liable to crack a pool table rail. #2 The pool table slate is in three sections which are perfectly seemed with a filler. If you shift the pool tables slate even a 1/16 of an inch you will create an imperfect playing surface with a seem which causes a ridge between the slate seem. #3 you really dont save money doing this at all what so ever you actually create more damage to your pool table which creates more cost because not only will it still have to be taken a part and put back together in order to play correctly but you might have to pay for more extensive damages. There are licensed professional billiard mechanics who have required the special knowledge and tools in order to properly move your pool table. Your pool table must be marked correctly and taken a part before you move your pool table. Pool tables come in all different shapes and sizes so the price to move your pool table will vary depending on a few factors. the size of your pool table impacts how much you will be charged to move your pool table. there are hundreds of different styles when it comes to pool tables. different methods are used to move different styled pool tables. If your pool table needs to be moved up or downstairs this will change the price. It costs more money to have you pool table moved up or downstairs. How far your pool table has to travel will cost more or less depending on the distance it has to go. Most pool table moving companies have a general practice when it comes to applying these mileage fees.  
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