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Maybe you were just given a pool table. Congratulations! Becoming a new owner of a pool table is very exciting. Now you need your pool table moved. That's great! Pool Table Taxi is here to help you move your pool table. There are literally hundreds of different styled pool tables that are better left to the professionals. Pool tables are meant to be taken a part before being moved. Do not risk damaging your pool table legs, rails, frame, pockets, slate! Instead give Pool Table Taxi a call and allow us to do what we do everyday which is professionally move pool tables. 


When re-leveling a pool table there are 2 basic steps. Leveling the 3 pieces of slate to the frame then Leveling  the pool table frame to the floor. The 3 pieces of slate are leveled by taking a 5 foot straight edge level and tilting it back in order to read how high or low the 3 pieces of slate are resting on the frame. The thin line of light that is seen between the bottom of the level and the slate will indicate how far you in you will have to hammer each pool table shim.  This is done by loosing each pool table slate screw to release the pressure between the slate and the frame this gap is where the pool table shims are placed. Every time you adjust one side you have to adjust the other in order to make sure that both sides are perfectly even. The next step involves leveling the pool table frame down to the ground. Every floor is different in every home & office so taking your time on this step is crucial. You will have to safely raise the pool table frame and place shims directly underneath the pool table legs reading the level on how or low the pool needs to go. This step not only takes the proper materials to place underneath the pool table legs but the patience and experience to set the pool table exactly where it needs to go for the best playibility. 


So your rolling balls against your pool table cushions and instead of a soft bank you hear a load thud! Uh Oh! its time to get brand new pool table cushions. Over the years your pool table cushions can become hard and brittle. Making your pool table game extremely lousy. Your pool table cushions are made of rubber which expand and contrast over time. No Worries! Pool Table Taxi provides pool table re-cushioning services. If you were thinking about giving that old pool table a tune-up then you have come to the right place. A pool table truly play like a brand new pool table after it has brand new cushions installed.


There is nothing that looks more sharp then a newly re-felted pool table. Every time we re-felt a pool table it comes out like new. There are not enough good things to say about a pool table that has brand new felt on it. Re-felting a pool table is best left to the professionals. Pool Table Taxi can re-felt your pool table to any color that you desire. Get your pool table re-felted today! Having a pool table re-felted is a perfect gift. Its time to change that cruddy old pool table felt and update your pool table with brand spanking new cloth. You and your pool table deserve it. 


Some pool tables are un-salvageable. 1 piece slate pool tables can be more of a pain in the butt then anything. If you have a clunker pool table or what we like to call a Frankenstein pool table and you just want to junk it, Pool Table Taxi can safely come and remove that piece of crud.


Installing a pool table is best left to the pros. You cant learn how to install a pool table over night. There are so many different styles, frames, slates, pockets, rails, legs etc. That make up your pool table. Not to mention the year it was made and the size of the pool table. There are a lot of steps that go in to properly installing a pool table that the untrained hands can really mess up. Everybody wants to save money but nobody enjoys shooting on a poorly built pool table. Pool Table Taxi can perfectly install your pool table inside your home or office. This is what we do every day.